How to Find the Best Gaming Laptop – 5 Things to Consider before Buying One

Diehard desktop gamers might laugh at the concept of a full-on gaming laptop, but today’s gaming laptops are equipped with all the latest bells and whistles and you can play literally any modern PC game on them, without any issues or expenses.

You can play games at 1080p or higher with apparent ease and hardly any changes or fixes required in the graphics of your gaming machine.

A gaming laptop means ease of use and portability in playing games without hindrance, whether you’re playing at your kitchen island or lounging infront of the telly.

To make sure you know how to find the best gaming laptops under 300 in the market, we have charted out a list of top 5 things you need to consider before shopping for a gaming laptop in that range.


  1. GPU – Your 3D graphics engine of your gaming machine.

When considering a laptop for hardcore gaming, always g for the best GPU money can buy. All modern games are heavy with 3D graphics which means a sophisticated graphics card that promises a rich gaming experience.

Where to buy – AMD and Nvidia are the industry leaders in the best GPU in the market. Search online and read reviews of other gamers before selecting one for your laptop.

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 980M is supposed to be the best forming GPU of all time.

Point to Note – No matter how attractive an offer you get on a laptop for gamers, don’t give in, unless you’re getting a top-notch graphics card with it. A GPU will have the biggest impact on your overall gaming experience, go for the biggest, fastest, bestest one possible.

  1. CPU – Important But Not Critical in Terms of High-Performace Gaming

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a high-performance gaming laptop means you need to buy the best CPU as well. If you’re into photo editing or video encoding, buy all means splurge on a CPU with a higher clock speed and many more cores. But 3D gaming won’t have much affect at all in it.

What to buy – Any of the snazzy Alienware laptops will do perfectly fine. Or a dual core Core i5 would be suitable for most of your gaming needs in any laptop.

  1. RAM – Go for 8 or 16 at Max

Any sophisticated piece of gaming laptop with a 8GB or 16GB RAM is more than appropriate. Don’t even think of spending any greens on more RAM.

We recommend – 8GB is our best bet for the best gaming experience.

  1. SSD – The Bigger, the Better

If your game load has a reach of 40GB, a small SSD won’t perform well and give you satisfactory play. The faster the lading time, the smoother and quicker the play time. An SSD (solid state drive) utilises memory chips for storing, and speedens Windows booting time, loading of games and overall responsiveness of your laptop’s system.

  1. Display for Beautiful Gaming

We are telling you how to find the best gaming laptop, and the list couldn’t be complete without mentioning the display necessary for the most stunning visuals of your modern 3D games. Today most gambg laptops come with twisted nematic LCD displays that are just not that great for hardcore gaming. You can opt for IPS panels for a better experience.

1920*1080 is the perfect sensible native resolution adequate for most of your gaming needs.

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